Sunday, May 04, 2008

What This Was And Now Is

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This site was originally started because of the lack of any real public record - or even due process - in the RPNA(GM) which in part led to, if not exacerbated the excommunications adjudicated by the extraordinary court of that body, the "Session of the RPNA(GM)". 
Those [supposedly] judicial actions were based upon the Position Paper on Sessional Authority and subsequent Confidential Loyalty Oath. Now that the same court has ceased and desistedfrom operation due to a providential shortfall in funds - without any real acknowledgment of error though - in some respect it is time to move on and we intend to do just that DV. From time to time as below, we hope to post articles of interest, not necessarily restricted to that controversy.
Thank you.

Original Statement of Purpose.

RPNA Timeline

RPNA(GM) Terms of Communion

10/4/06, The New "Confidential Oath" of Membership in the RPNA(GM)

6/4/06, RPNA(GM) Position Paper on Sessional Authority

11/4/06, Standard RPNA(GM) Form of Excommunication

4/30/06 Unofficial Official Position Paper on Tattoos and comments

Minutes of a genuine Reformed Presbyterian General Meeting

Historical Testimony

A Short Directory for Religious Societies