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RPNA to RPNA(GM) Chronology/Timeline


The Puritan Reformed Church of Edmonton (PRCE) established as a mission congregation of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of the United States (RPCUS) (See the Short History up to '96 at the RPNA(GM) website.)

4/90, G. Barrow, is ordained a ruling elder in the PRCE by the General Assembly of the RPCUS in Atlanta, Georgia.

6-8/94, OPC minister G. Price from the US accepts call to PRCE. By this time, another ruling elder L. Dohms had left the Bible Presbyterian Church and joined the PRCE.

Early 96, The PRCE breaks off its association with the First Presbyterian Church of Rowlett and others and constitutes on the basis of the Six Terms of Communion of the Reformed Presbyterian Church.

8/5/00, Deed of Constitution of the Reformed Presbytery in North America, The Session of the PRCE along with a minister in Manitoba, D. Edwards and a ruling elder, D. Hart in Albany, NY constitute the Reformed Presbytery.

4/03, The one ruling elder, D. Hart in Albany, NY leaves the church, leaving only teaching elder G. Price in the local congregation since as an American citizen, he had to leave Canada for Albany earlier.

6/8/03, Announcement of Dissolution of Reformed Presbytery in NA on 6/6/03 from D. Edwards, G. Price, G. Barrow and L. Dohms because of Controversy and disagreement over Birth Control between the first Teaching Elder  and the remaining TE and two Ruling Elders.

6/14/03, Three Elders' Remarks after Dissolution of Reformed Presbytery of NA,
(See also Letter of 10/31/06 Re. An Implicit Extraordinary Session? and the 6/14/03 Letter on Dissolution of Presbytery)

6/15/03, Brief Letter of Clarification by the Three Elders

7/12/03, First mention of the RPNA(GM) in Announcement of RPNA(GM) Day of Prayer and Fasting

9/17/03, Elders Dohms on behalf of the RPNA(GM) and Society Funds

9/24/04, PG Society to Elders re. Draft to Societies at Large

10/7/04, Questions From The "Session" to the Society of Prince George

10/31/04, First mention of or announcement by the "Session" of RPNA(GM) concerning a Lesser Excommunication or Suspension from the Lord's Supper

, Public Fast Announcement from the Session of the RPNA (General Meeting)

11/28/04, First Washington Society Letter to Elders

Elders' Reply To The Brothers And Sisters In The Washington Society

1/12/05, Telephone Conversation/Cancellation of Birth Control Paper

1/16/05, Second Washington Society Letter to the Elders

10/23/05, Double Excommunication Notice without Tacit Consent paragraph of the 5/14/06 & 5/20/06, Excommunication Notices

1/1/06, Announcement
of Public Fast and Prayer Day of 1/20/06 because of Elders' Health, Work Situation and Need for Church Restructuring

Society of Prince George Announcement for Public Meeting in Prince George (June 30 - July 2, 2006)

Prayer Requests For The Day Of Prayer And Fasting (January 21, 2006)
1/6/06, Resources For The Day Of Prayer And Fasting (January 21, 2006)

1/9/06 - 3/29/06, The Ensuing Elder Approved "Affidavit" Email Campaign/Public Scandal No. 1 about the Public Fast Day.

1/26/06, The Mystery Plaintiff? Referenced in the Oaths

2/11/06, A Pastoral Plea to All and the Ensuing Discussion in toto.

3/12/06, Another Reply to A Pastoral Plea extracted from the discussion.

3/17/06, A Renewed Pastoral Plea

3/29/06, Update on Church Restructuring Report from Pastor G. Price

4/30/06, Tattoos and the Word of God (TATWOG)

5/8/06, The New Paganism (TNP), A Response to TATWOG

5/12/06, A Brotherly Inquiry about The New Paganism

5/14/06 Excommunication Notice &
& 5/20/06 Excommunication Notice with New Tacit Consent Paragraph, Compared to the Double Excommunication Notices 0f 10/23/05

5/20/06, Announcement re. Elder Barrow Future Change to Part Time

5/23/06, 5/27/06, Albany Financial Meeting: Comments, Retractions and Clarifications

5/26/06, Fwd: A Brotherly Inquiry re. The New Paganism

6/4/06, Position Paper on Sessional Authority (PPSA) from the "Session of the RPNA(General Meeting)"

6/26/06, Elder Approved PRCE Forum: Hypothetical or Hypocritical? Analogy Campaign with the Ensuing Discussion or Public Email Scandal No. 2 .

6/30/06 - 7/2/06 Public Meeting Hosted by the Society of Prince George, BC, Canada as announced 1/1/06

Asinine Analogies Assiduously Characterized and Cauterized or Hypothetical Analogies Euthanized, one of a few skeptical responses to the Hypothetical Analogy filibuster.

7/30/06, "Temporary" Euthanasia of PRCE/RPNA(GM) Forum

8/13/06, Announcement re. Settled Status of PP on Sessional Authority

10/4/06, The Oath Alone or with Accompanying Letter from the Elders

10/18/06, Deadline for the Oath, the Society of Prince George's Public Protest and Complaint and another public Response to the Oath.

10/20/06, Re: PGS "Public Protest and Complaint", a brief email promise of a response to the SPG Complaint from the elders.

10/21/06, "Schism" from the anonymous Scripture-Warnings @

10/28/06, Elders' Response to "Public Protest and Complaint" of the SPG.

10/30/06, Integritas Ecclesia's Comparison of the PPSA and the Terms of Communion. An anonymous critique of the PPSA.

10/30/06, Carnal Graffiti and the Word of God: Disproved and Disapproved, FWIW A Brief Follow up to The New Paganism

10/31/06, An Implicit Extraordinary Session? and the June 14 '03 Letter re. Dissolution of Presbytery

11/2/06, A Response to the Elders' Response to "PP&C" of 10/28/06 concerning excommunication, the circumstances surrounding the PPSA and a critique of it.

11/4/06, Elders' Response to Recent Objections.

11/4/06, First Wave of 10 Excommunication Announcements (Loyalty Oaths issued 10/4, due 10/18).

11/8/06, Response of a "Disaffected Brethren" to the Elders'
RRO of 11/4/06 which challenged the DB to show from Scripture where temporary extraordinary sessions are lawful, but permanent standing extraordinary sessions are not.

11/9/06, A Charitable Inquiry of PPSA, Part 1/Question 1 Released, (originally in pdf) from "Effort" group.

12/10/06, Second Wave of Oaths goes out, due Dec. 20, '06.

12/15/06, Rev. G. Price's Personal Response to the As Yet Unexcommunicated Signers of the Charitable Inquiry, regarding the sinful, disorderly precedent of public defiance of signing the Charitable Inquiry alongside of excommunicated members.

12/23/06, Second Wave of 11 Excommunication Notices go out related to the Oath. (Three other excommunications were due to resignation of membership and one on re. moral discipline.)

12/24/06, Third Wave of Oaths go out, due Jan.3, '07.

12/24/06, Of the "Public Sin" of An Unqualified Condemnation of Paganism (Among Other Allegations), a Reply to the Accusations of the Elders of Sins against the First, Fifth and Ninth Commandment.

12/25/06, A Reply to the Oath from the Second Wave of Excommunications, 'Will the Elders Please Fulfill Their Callings to Teach and Lead instead of Forcing Consciences'.

12/25/06, A Vindication of A Faithful Minister by family members of the same.

12/30/06, A Vindication of the Charge of Ministerial Unfaithfulness in reply to that of
12/25/06 .

1/4/07, Further Remarks on the PPSA: An Introduction [rev. 1/29/07].

1/5/07, Third Wave of 5 Excommunications for refusing the Oath for a total of 26 out of approximately 88? communicant members.

1/22/07, Clearing the Air, A Mea Culpa and Self-Criticism by a Repentant Member of the RPNA(GM).

1/23/07, A Note of Repentance and the ensuing discussion or Public Scandal #4, the Effort Conspiracy in which private gnats are strained and the "Confidential" Loyalty Oath and pseudo-presbyterian Position Paper are swallowed whole.

2/5/07, Two more Excommunications related to Recent Oath Ongoings in RPNA(GM), 28 0ut of approx. 88.

Further Remarks on the PPSA: Part 1 or A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste - - Unless You are a Faithful Member in Good Standing in the RPNA(GM). The logical contradictions in the arguments and conclusions of the PPSA [rev.

3/8/06, Another Excommunication for 29 out of 88 approx. communicants now excommunicated.

3/10/07, "For Your Consideration" - A Brother Responds to his "Excommunication" by the elders of the former RPNA, with more installments to come.

3/12/07, A Brother decides to spill the beans and repent of his involvement with the Effort meeting in an "Expos
é" of the same.

3/20/07, For Your Consideration: Q.1 Excommunication by Email?

3/25/07, An Email from the Elders with two documents attached:
1. A judicial ruling (?) regarding the Effort meeting/study group entitled "Sins Committed By "The Effort" And Steps To Repentance", which is only sent to members of the church and not the excommunicated members of The Effort.
2. The Effort Emails (RPNA -- GM) which is a "a representative list of correspondence accurately documenting in their own words what were their designs, purposes, and actions in the secret meetings and correspondence they had with one another."

3/25/07, A Brief Email from the Elders regarding Stan B.'s Questions on Excommunication (the For Your Consideration Series) in which they state they have already answered his concerns and will not engage further in a public discussion on the matter.

3/30/07, For Your Consideration: Q.2 Limits of Modern Technology?

4/2/07, The Covenant Reformation Offended, an objection to the excommunications on the basis of the terms of membership and oath.

4/3/07, Two Birds With One Electronic Stone: An “Expos
é” Exposed and Eviscerated or The Sins of the PPSA and the Steps to Repentance, a rebuttal to the literary efforts of 3/12 and 3/25 above.

4/9/07, Two more excommunications bringing the total to 31 out of approximately 88 members directly related to the Confidential Loyalty Oath.

4/11/07, For Your Consideration: Q.3 Immediate Excommunication?

4/20/07, A Reply to the Covenant Reformation Offended from Rev. G. Price

4/20/07, For Your Consideration: Q.4 What is the standard Presbyterian procedure for excommunication?

4/23/07, Three more excommunications related to a refusal to take the "Oath"for a total now of 34 out of 88 approximate members or 39% of the whole. (There has also been at the same time as all this, 3 excommunications based on requests for termination/resignation of membership and 1 excommunication over a moral issue.)

Some Further Brief Remarks on the Reply to The Covenant Reformation Offended To "quote one William 'Shakspere' after a fashion (or the Earl of Oxford, if one prefers Joe Sobran's take), respectfully 'wethinks the brother doth protest too much.'"

5/14/07, The "To Whom It May Concern" ("Lawyer, Sue Thyself") Email Fraud/Public Scandal #? is an anonymous (what else?) attempt at identity fraud and impersonation of a lawyer. On the basis of allegations of defamation of character and invasion of privacy, it threatens to sue those who publicly discuss the PPSA, Oath and excommunications in the RPNA(GM), all which are or should be, matters of public knowledge. Neither has it been publicly repudiated by the elders of the RPNA(GM) to whom, one might assume, the doctrine of tacit consent applies, just as well as members of the RPNA(GM).

5/2/07, For Your Consideration: Q.5. Scriptural Justification for a Three Week Excommunication Notice

5/23/07, For Your Consideration: Q6: Misinterpretation by Price, Barrow, and Dohms

5/24/07 - 6/4/07, In Case You Missed It! or the beginning of the end of "To Whom It May Concern" Email Fraud. It comes to find out, that Niwot, Colorado of all places, rather than Nigeria, is the source for the anonymous email fraud and brave attempt at intimidation of those with whom it disagrees. As such it is a rather crude effort at damage control as opposed to fairly and squarely rebutting the arguments and objections from Scripture, history and reason to the Rpnagm's extraordinary court and its pronouncements and excommunications.

5/25/07 - 6/6/07, The Further Unraveling of the "To Whom It May Concern" Email Fraud on the CovRefClub Forum. A party of interest and possible suspect publicly and commendably denies any responsibility for the item, again something the powers that be in the RPNA(GM) refuse to do.

A Testimony Against Departure Further comments from parties involved in the first wave of excommunications. The topics discussed are: Supposed Tacit and Explicit Consent, Matthew 5 and 18, Principle of Non-Intrusion, Regulative Principle of Church Government and a Principle of Accountability. The conclusion is that the international standing session of the RPNA(GM) is an innovation imposed and intruded upon the church without announcement, discussion or any kind of accountability. Consequently the PPSA comes after the fact and is deficient on Scripture and historical precedent; the oath lacks necessary lawful components and the excommunications are pretentious, self serving and vindicative considering previous interaction between the elders of the RPNA(GM) and members of the church beginning a couple of years prior to the PPSA and the oath.

6/10/07, The Email Fraud: "To Whom It May Concern" Summarized or The Case of the Belligerent (Want To Be) Barrister Revisited. False and deceptive pretenses are not agreeable to Scripture when it comes to either damage control or defending the faith.

7/8/07, Principium 1643 makes its appearance as an apology for the "RPNA(GM)"'s court. It used to be found here, but seems to have moved here. (The first link is with the pagination of the 8/20/07 reply to it below)

7/14/07, One more excommunication for refusing to agree with the previous excommunications for a total of 38 out of approx. 88 members.

8/20/07, More Non Sequiturs from Mr. NS: A Reply to Principium 1643. Figuratively speaking, a refutation in not quite 25 words of Mr. NS's magnum opus of 39665 words and his various irrelevant theses on the matter.

9/30/07, For Your Consideration: Q.7 Why Read the Banns?, the last in the For Your Consideration series on excommunication.

12/2/07, An Announcement from an extraordinary ecclesiastical entity to its members that unless financial giving increased there would not be enough money to support even the one full time officer and consequently the court would formally dissolve.

12/23/07, Sermon by TE G. Price at Albany Covenanted Reformed Presbyterian Church, labeled "Moving the Landmarks (Prov. 22:28)" with the first public mention of "if/when the Session of this Church should be dissolved".

12/28/07, . . . . And In Secret Have I Said Nothing, The New Policy of Secrecy No New Thing in the RPNA(GM).

1/30/08, Hiding Behind the Landmarks and Other Sanctimonious Monuments, some interaction with and interjections to the Albany sermon entitled "
Moving the Landmarks".

Setting Up Monuments to the Abuse of Scripture, History and Reason, Further Remarks on the Recent "Moving the Landmarks" Sermon

3/10/08, Dissolution of the RPNA(GM) Court according to a document that surfaced 3/22/08.

9/15/08, A Letter of Repentance by two former members of the Effort meeting.

9/25/08, A Public and Hopefully Reformed Reply to the above Letter of Repentance.