Thursday, May 28, 2015

The Queer Variation on The Red Queen's Gambit: Smear, Jeer and Fear Trump Any Reasonable Debate

Or: Marriage and the New AbNormal 
in Cuckoo – Land USSA

[If that to whom much is given, much is required, it certainly tarnishes the witness of the American evangelical church, along with portions of the presbyterian & reformed, if it can’t keep one creation ordinance (the 4th commandment) straight all the while the world is busy perverting another creation ordinance (the 7th commandment). For that reason something like Naptali Press’s reprint of the Puritan N. Bownd’s True Doctrine of the Sabbath (1606) is appropriate as the nation continues its descent into moral madness. Whether the evangelicals in love with the world will bother reading it, is another story.  
That said, the excuses given to justify overturning a pre-political institution that not only precedes the state, but without which there can be no state borders on the preposterous, never mind insane whether one argues from nature, reason or history.]

The Current Cultural Love Affair with "Equality" or the Revolt Against Nature
It is with all due respect that we note that America’s very own civil magisterium, if not Delphic oracle in DC, the American Supreme Court is in the midst of conducting a search for the Most Holy Grail of Political Correctness, if not the Ark of the Constitutional Covenant in attempting to find justification for marital rights for sodomites and lesbians in the 14th Amendment. This,  under the excuse  of “Equal Protection” along with some noise about "Marriage Equality".  As such it confirms not only the ongoing cultural revolt against reality/nature, but also our Coercive Cognitive Elites' enthusiastic participation in the same.  
 "Off with their homophobic heads filled with 
  hatethink, before they can  use their common sense
   to call nonsense by its name commit a hatecrime 
  of shameless and unadulterated hatespeaking. 
  And let crows pick their bones after Big Brother gets 
  through abusing  the carcass."

Neither is our confidence encouraged in all this after we saw how the créme de la créme of the judiciary were able to construe via verbal legerdemain, the metamorphosis  of a penalty for not buying medical insurance,  into a  mere tax on a commercial transaction – no doubt interstate – that one can be legally coerced into making. This in that Congress only  has the constitutional power  to levy taxes, not penalties. Who knows what will be dreamed up yet.

Separation of State From the Religious Idolatry of the State
 Much more that since the worship of the State is now the prevailing ethos in the secular realm,   the new demi-god of Civil Rights and the corresponding Mortal Sin of Discrimination has come to the front of the civil pantheon  presided over by the Deity of the All Wise and All Knowing Benevolent Big Government. As a consequence,  the holy homosexuals are the new sanctified minority and the latest  anointed members of the elite class, if not the current privileged victims. (And those "homophobes" who would merely question this recent deification inversion know who they are.)

But just as the passive aggressive advocates for gun control vehemently advocate the firing squad for those who disagree as exemplified when gun rights conspiracy nut advocate Alex Jones appeared on the liberal  Piers Morgan television show/circus, so too the holy homosexuals and their advocates want to physically force and coerce others to abide by their way of thinking. To be sure, modern tolerance is anything but hypocritical. And violence at the hands of the civil magistrate’s  PC SWAT team preserves the innocent little darlings of soiling their own delicate little human monkey paws in dealing with the "haters".  

The Monochromatic Diversité of Liberté, Égalité and Fraternité  
In other words, this is not about equality in any sense of the word reasonably or historically considered, at least as regards American history.  Rather it is all about redefining equality, i.e.  "equality before the law" or "equal opportunity" - as in freedom of opportunity -  to mean "equal results" or "equal outcome". In other words, this is all about egalitarianism with a vengeance or what amounts to  the French Revolution's  'Liberty of Fraternity in the lowest common denominator of Equality'. In a word, it is a vicious and stupefying sexual egalitarianism with political overtones.