Friday, December 25, 2009

In A Theological Daze And Confusion About Days of Thanksgiving

Or More Befuddlements, Old and New on Reformed Worship from the Rev. S. Schlissel
[updated 1/31/10]

There are any number of things that can be said about Steven Schlissel’s two and a half page pastoral letter “Thanksgiving Reflections” posted Dec. 1, ‘09 at his Just Another Blog in the Wheel site as anybody might have guessed that is familiar with his point of view. Schlissel's latest not only opposes the historic doctrine of reformed worship, otherwise known as the Regulative Principle of Worship (RPW), but is also in favor of celebrating the annual national Day of Thanksgiving in America as it is now observed.

Worse than his disagreement with the RPW though, is that he still cannot - or will not - define it properly. He  continues to restrict the RPW to only what is explicitly commanded in Scripture  and denies that there are any commands implied as  good and necessary consequences of the approved examples of  worship in the Bible.

Schlissel's Misrepresentation Develops into Judaizing
But that is not enough nor is Mr. Schlissel content to rest on his laurels in only repeating himself. His suppression of the truth about the RPW, only leads to his  further expression of error in arguing  for Thanksgiving on the basis  of the Old Testament ceremonial  feastdays.  But this is to turn the whole idea of an example of approved worship in Scripture inside out and on its head. Unfortunately Mr. Schlissel appears to be entirely clueless that these OT holydays are completely  abolished in the NT as categorically fulfilled in Christ. Neither the days themselves or  any post NT Christian imitations are permissable.