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The Queer Variation on The Red Queen's Gambit: Smear, Jeer and Fear Trump Any Reasonable Debate

Or: Marriage and the New AbNormal 
in Cuckoo – Land USSA

[If that to whom much is given, much is required, it certainly tarnishes the witness of the American evangelical church, along with portions of the presbyterian & reformed, if it can’t keep one creation ordinance (the 4th commandment) straight all the while the world is busy perverting another creation ordinance (the 7th commandment). For that reason something like Naptali Press’s reprint of the Puritan N. Bownd’s True Doctrine of the Sabbath (1606) is appropriate as the nation continues its descent into moral madness. Whether the evangelicals in love with the world will bother reading it, is another story.  
That said, the excuses given to justify overturning a pre-political institution that not only precedes the state, but without which there can be no state borders on the preposterous, never mind insane whether one argues from nature, reason or history.]

The Current Cultural Love Affair with "Equality" or the Revolt Against Nature
It is with all due respect that we note that America’s very own civil magisterium, if not Delphic oracle in DC, the American Supreme Court is in the midst of conducting a search for the Most Holy Grail of Political Correctness, if not the Ark of the Constitutional Covenant in attempting to find justification for marital rights for sodomites and lesbians in the 14th Amendment. This,  under the excuse  of “Equal Protection” along with some noise about "Marriage Equality".  As such it confirms not only the ongoing cultural revolt against reality/nature, but also our Coercive Cognitive Elites' enthusiastic participation in the same.  
 "Off with their homophobic heads filled with 
  hatethink, before they can  use their common sense
   to call nonsense by its name commit a hatecrime 
  of shameless and unadulterated hatespeaking. 
  And let crows pick their bones after Big Brother gets 
  through abusing  the carcass."

Neither is our confidence encouraged in all this after we saw how the créme de la créme of the judiciary were able to construe via verbal legerdemain, the metamorphosis  of a penalty for not buying medical insurance,  into a  mere tax on a commercial transaction – no doubt interstate – that one can be legally coerced into making. This in that Congress only  has the constitutional power  to levy taxes, not penalties. Who knows what will be dreamed up yet.

Separation of State From the Religious Idolatry of the State
 Much more that since the worship of the State is now the prevailing ethos in the secular realm,   the new demi-god of Civil Rights and the corresponding Mortal Sin of Discrimination has come to the front of the civil pantheon  presided over by the Deity of the All Wise and All Knowing Benevolent Big Government. As a consequence,  the holy homosexuals are the new sanctified minority and the latest  anointed members of the elite class, if not the current privileged victims. (And those "homophobes" who would merely question this recent deification inversion know who they are.)

But just as the passive aggressive advocates for gun control vehemently advocate the firing squad for those who disagree as exemplified when gun rights conspiracy nut advocate Alex Jones appeared on the liberal  Piers Morgan television show/circus, so too the holy homosexuals and their advocates want to physically force and coerce others to abide by their way of thinking. To be sure, modern tolerance is anything but hypocritical. And violence at the hands of the civil magistrate’s  PC SWAT team preserves the innocent little darlings of soiling their own delicate little human monkey paws in dealing with the "haters".  

The Monochromatic Diversité of Liberté, Égalité and Fraternité  
In other words, this is not about equality in any sense of the word reasonably or historically considered, at least as regards American history.  Rather it is all about redefining equality, i.e.  "equality before the law" or "equal opportunity" - as in freedom of opportunity -  to mean "equal results" or "equal outcome". In other words, this is all about egalitarianism with a vengeance or what amounts to  the French Revolution's  'Liberty of Fraternity in the lowest common denominator of Equality'. In a word, it is a vicious and stupefying sexual egalitarianism with political overtones.

To be sure that is not all that there is to it. The triumph of (romantic?) affection and consent, if not the will, over nature also plays its part, but the lion's share at least for the faux judicial argument is the Orwellian doctrine of "Marriage Equality/Equal Protection".  If marriage is a right or homosexuals find themselves at odd with the historical definition of marriage, then we will have to pass a law that redefines  unicycles and tricycles as bicycles  in order that nobody's feelings are hurt, discrimination does not occur and everyone is "equal" because they are  "equally protected"  by the law.  Go figure.

Cliff Notes  for the Thought Police
This leads to a number of consequences, that one may or  may not find coherent or encouraging. Nevertheless as Robert Lewis Dabney said:
 . . . . an erroneous theory is never harmless. Man is essentially a logical creature; while capable of much shortsightedness as to the ulterior outcome of his own opinions, and even capable of much intentional inconsistency if refusing to apply them squarely, he ever tends to work out the corollaries of his own theories. The erroneous theory may have stopped just now at inoffensive measures; it will not tarry there. If it is not refuted, it will be sure to advance to other measures, despotic and mischievous (The Practical Philosophy, 1897, p. 343). 
 Again this legal/judicial/cultural egalitarian  farce is not about  equality before the law or equality of opportunity or even  equality with heterosexuals who can supposedly marry “anybody” they want to. (Anybody that is,  barring incest and polamory/bigamy. Which means so much for "anybody", though  these heterosexual unions or  relationships at least have the biological plumbing figured out. Neither are they necessarily/categorically  barren and  childless relationships.)

 The despotic and mischievous measures and effects not only include the further debasement of the language and public discourse, but also the increase in the coercive power of the state as dictated by the judicial branch  to seek out those who disagree with sanctification of 1-3% of the population. Liberty and free hate speech are not to be allowed to  anybody  homophobes who disagree with the liberties the Marriage Equality folks are taking with  reality, reason and history in their push to redefine liberty, equality and the family. Rather the optional becomes required and the lawful become legally mandatory for everybody and especially for the bigots and haters  that oppose  this kind of perverted social engineering.

I. Been There, Done That
And it is  not to say we haven’t seen the same arguments before either. Remember the “milllions and millions of women will have to have illegal back alley abortions, unless we legalize abortion now” argument? In other words, so that abortion would become "Safe, Legal and Rare"? Now  we are told – regarding 1-3+% of the population –  ‘millions and millions of people will live and die unfulfilled lives unless everybody gets on board with Marriage Equality’.  In the name of   preposterous claims for a single digit minority, we are obligated to overturn tradition and history under the guise of equality and human rights whatever the consequences or confusion that might results. If not that confusion and chaos is expected, much more sought for. 

II. Unequal Equality of Results
Again , this is all about Leviathan and Big Brother exercising raw judicial, legislative and police power for the sake of 1-3% of the population in the name of a perverted “equality” that owes more to the bloody French Revolution than American history or jurisprudence. While  all men -  all people - are equal before the law, that is not to say they are all equal in their desires, abilities or opportunities and results. Yet to try to make that socialist utopian goal happen on earth or in our lifetime necessarily leads to coercion and it has yet to be said better than Vonnegut in his short story Harrison Bergeron.  Not to mention the Kafkaesque bureacracy and laws that result.  

III.  Civil Rights Category Confusion
But  the reply  that homosexuals are just born that way and one’s sexual identity is as fixed as one’s racial identity is more than a little specious, if not an  attempt to piggyback on success of  the civil rights movement.  Besides the laws against interracial marriage still presumed we were talking different genders sexes, albeit  of different races,  not the  same genders sexes, whatever the race.  The real difference and salient distinction is  we  are  talking about an action or activity as distinct from a person. No less than the wife of New York City's  new socialist mayor was once an unmarried  lesbian. But not now, she's married - to a man - though she still is black. Hmmm. 

But there still are certain,  shall we say liberal/progressive taboos. While it is OK to go from being a heterosexual man to a (heterosexual?) woman surgically (if even that, our Wheaties Box Olympic champion weirdo now, still  might be a faux transexual),  it is not OK to go from being a white to a black woman no matter what or how you “feel” about it, the recent eastern Washington NAACP head notwithstanding. 

So as the politically correct score now stands,  temporarily anyhow, until a new diktat comes down:   transracial is out, but transgender -  and transsexuality a.k.a. homosexuality -  is in.   IOW that Rachel Dolezal is a white woman that feels  like a black woman is a major fauxpas/verboten, while that Bruce Jenner is was  a white man that feels  like a white woman, is a cause to break out the anesthesia and  scalpels along with the champagne and party favors for the celebration afterwards. But all this hooraw is not a social construct on par with the emperor's new clothes.

One might therefore reasonably(?) conclude that while the sexes,  male and female,  are   fluid,   race - and sexual desires -  are not. That because the whole same sex marriage argument is built on homosexual desires being an unchangeable birth right defect characteristic equal to a racial characteristic. But being born male or female? That's changeable.

Perhaps the real problem then is  that Rachel didn't claim to be either  a lesbian, if not a  transsexual (lesbian transsexual?) before adding the racial thing to the mix.  Then maybe both  the professional homophiles and race mongers would have approved and argued for her inclusion in the cereal box hall of fame. Think of all the firsts she would have accomplished and the history that would have been made up

IV. Let the Truth Be Told
Again  the problem is that heterosexuals aren’t “free” to marry anybody they want to, which untruth supposedly justifies the rights of homosexuals to marry whomever they want to.  In other words, you may not consistently, constitutionally or reasonably  privilege “same sex” marriages over, above and before “same family” marriages, i.e. incest or “more than one person at the same time” marriages, i.e. polygamy. (Thus Robert Gagnon for one.) These come before and should  pre-empt the special treatment homosexuality gets at the expense of heterosexual marriages that are forbidden/consigned to the closet. Real
equality before the law means as it always has, that anyone  may enter into a marriage with a member of the opposite sex, barring same family or more than one person at the same time unions, never mind same sex relationships. 

But homosexuals don't care to enter into the time honored arrangement.  So? What?  What really is going on - thought they are loath to admit it -  is that the lesbians and sodomites want to redefine marriage. But if heterosexuals may not do that when it comes to "same ____ " marriages , why are the homosexuals  to be allowed ? Is it really discrimination to prevent them from modifying something that has been around longer than all parties to the shouting match discussion?

Buchanan’s Blunder
As an aside,  in the 1850's this country sent Federal troops to the Utah Territory until the Mormon church got the apostolic word from above that polygamy was a no-no. Only then was Utah allowed to become a state. So there is precedent after a sort  for rulings against polygamy, much more - it should go without saying - homosexual marriages.   

Don’t ’Ask, Don’t Tell Because Everything Is Swell
Further, the  special rights for homosexuals don’t begin or end with marriage. The military has always segregated according to sex  because uhmm . . .  let us take a wild guess and say  the birds and the bees. In other words, nature/reality. Even without uni sex barracks and bathrooms, the Navy has a real problem with its female sailors getting pregnant at sea. In the real world, desire normally  follows one's sex, but if we have to give homosexuals right to mix in with the general population, in all fairness to the heterosexuals, the only kind of order and distinction in barrack assignment should be alphabetical. Just pour ‘em all out of the jar and separate according to last names, not sex.  Maybe those (heterosexuals) who are married, if their first names are close enough alphabetically, will get to room together. And maybe not.

V. Double Minded Duplicity On Discrimination
Likewise, whatever the new math or common core academics might opine, two mommies or two daddies ≠ a mother and a father. 
Likewise the right  of a  child to their real father or mother is  trashed in the name of  rights. That more than a few children who grew up in these lesbian/sodomite fantasy relationships have filed amicus briefs with the court against the legalization of the same is telling, though the usual suspects in the Professional Lying Lamestream Moron Media will not tell you. 

Which silence tells us that the rights of children be damned. The rights of lesbians and sodomites  trump all others. Which is nothing new. Selfishness is in large part what drives the liberal progressive agenda from the so called "Woman’s Right to Abortion"  to "Marriage Equality". Rights only go one way in the libprog  totalitarian scheme and it is the wrong way. Favoritism toward the current agenda and its  approved victims, the holy homosexuals,  is what biases Lady Justice in her application of “Equality” before despite the law, the heroic constitutional lipservice and rhetoric about rights notwithstanding from the ME advocates.

Homosexual  Hypocrisies
Which is  because some people  are more important than others.  Hmmm. Imagine that.  Shades of Orwell’s prescient Animal Farm come to mind:  That  “Some Animals Are More Equal Than Others”  trumps  “All Animals Are Equal”, little grasshopper.  (And this  even before we get to equal  rights for bestiality.)

But  in all this, the power and growth of Big Brother is assumed and promoted in order to take up the slack when the fundamental institution of human society,  the  family -  which is the first  school, church, business and government -  is diluted or destroyed. To be short, the  campaign for so called Marriage Equality/Equal Protection  is  basically all about  prosecuting  and promoting  fear in  those who have the audacity to think that Statue of Liberty is not a transgendered drag queen and the traditional view of marriage and the family is not as queer or criminal as some would like to make it out to be. Which is to say, while lip service is paid to the patron saints of Sodom and Gomorrah, Narcissism and Unbridled Sexual Pleasure,   in the long run power actually accrues to Leviathan, whose current spokespeople natch, tell us to "never let a crisis go to waste".
VI. Islam, Egalitarianism and Leviathan
Yet as far as that goes, in the ongoing war against Christianity,  which while it acknowledges the authority of Caesar, opposes the idolatry of Caesar aka Leviathan, Muslims are also beloved by the liberalism of our day as a useful alternative and shouting point in regard to Christian, conservative or patriotic "Hypocrisy".  The problem though, however much  progressives are loath to admit it, is that   Muslims are “homophobic”, to condescend to the contemporary label/smear of anybody who opposes,  for whatever reasons,   the current love affair with  modern inhabitants of the Sodom and Gomorrah. And the subsequent benevolent big government agenda to promote S&G’s  welfare and prosperity. 

Which means things could get very interesting. On the one hand the jihad against Christianity's opposition to Lord Leviathan  is to be encouraged and every opposition   driven from the public square, but on the other hand, once that goal is accomplished, what then to do with the tools?

Once unleashed, how does one call the dogs of Dar al Harb  back to heel, particularly since the vendetta against the followers of Jesus has long preceded liberalism and itself has pretensions to an all encompassing Dar al Islam whatever the progressive dhimmini  and kuffar  of liberalism might babble on about the UN and Leviathan's   New Gay World Order. Nor is Islam’s view of its opponents any different from liberalism. It is a one way street. As in guns for us,  but not for them. We think liberals will no like. How  they will  be able to say so without being guilty of discrimination,  intolerance and hate speech, if not explain it away remains to be seen indeed, if not that they will be so busy trying to stay alive that they won't have time to justify themselves.

VII. Wards of the State
Further, the only way these perverse “marriages” can imitate, if not parody real i.e. heterosexual marriages when it comes to what the last  as a rule produce: children, is by way of artificial insemination or adoption.  Which is to say that  for these unions,  the exception to the archetype is the rule for the catamite copies. Which is to say  hello and welcome to even more confusion in family court and law.  Again, the family is the original building block of human  society. It is the first church, school, business, tribe, nation, state. If it goes gunnybag in the family, the teacher/minister/employer/policeman/judge – take your pick –  is going to be playing catch up cleaning up the mess. 

But maybe that is the idea. Far be it from our  Coercive Cognitive Elite leaders to again waste a crisis. Maybe just maybe,  the civil government stands to gain for itself by  destroying the other institutions in a society in order to aggrandize power to itself.   And at least one of the ways totalitarian governments have come to power in the past is through agitation of social turmoil by those intent on a totalitarian solution to that chaos, whatever the useful fools and tools to that turmoil might think. After all, if rights come from God, but  God is dead, all is possible and human rights are dispensable and only convenient, not cast in stone and the devil take the hindmost in the subsequent struggle for power.

VIII. Further Miscellaneous Inconsistencies and Cis-Gendered Javascripts
It is also noted that the marital rights for sodomites and lesbians (MRFS&L) crowd had a hissy fit over Mozilla CEO Eich's donation to Prop 8 in California supporting traditional marriage. But while they stamped their foot and prissed about it, by all rights they should be having a moment of truth. At least if they have any traces of reason  left. (Reason:  that faculty which  in part distinguishes us  from animals, vegetables and other inanimate objects in the real world.) We'll see how long any possibility of that  lasts. In other words, by all rights,  the  new kinder  version of  moral leprosy they are preaching dictates that  they should boycott the internet, because that is the only real way they could boycott javascript, which was an invention of Eich’s.

(And wouldn't that be nice? All the yammering homosexualists and homophiles could unite and go elsewhere to piss in the wind and try to  square the circle, in between reinventing a perpetual motion machine. They already got the perpetual angst thing down. Just  think of it. But then they would lose their morally superior status as victims and the narrative would become a distinct bummer/downer. So it probably won't happen. Sorry to get your hopes up Tonto, but  hey, we tried.)

Pink Nazis
Of course, it’s a wonder they don’t call him Eichmann, in that in a world that again denies God and the devil, the Nazis are the only thing  that the liberal progressive relativists will finally fall back on that everybody can  agree was truly evil. That perhaps, Nietzsche had to declare the “death” of God, before it became politically and culturally lawful to kill those made in his image, is of course  one bridge too far  for these “agnostics” concerning reality to put it nicely, to cross, but still as Doestevesky was supposed to have said, “Without God, anything is possible”. So we continue on our utopian goose chase for the Brave New  World Order in which a perversion of the pre-political institution of marriage is judicially enshrined, no matter that without the family any reasonable and decent version of a state can not exist. Like it or not, the family does far more to govern, educate and provide for the health, education and welfare of  children ultimately than the government ever will, much more without the family there will be no children or state in the future.

The Fascist Anti-Fascists
To be sure, the totalitarian equivalent of the janissaries, the children of Christians surrendered to the Turks in order to be brought up as soldiers to defend the Ottoman empire, is possible. If   the  secret police and army in the Soviet Union  drew heavily from the packs of feral children spawned by the pogroms and purges which executed their parents in the prisons or labor camps where does the madness stop? Will those convicted of the “hatecrime” of opposing special and unconstitutional rights for the sodomites and lesbians have their children taken away from them by the state, who then will be farmed out to foster care in the barren  households of homosexual unions?

Moral Cowardice, Compliance and Complicity
And if not, why not? Opposition to homosexual “marriages” if not hatespeech and hate think, is actionable by the civil magistrate. Vide the various lawsuits against the butcher,  the baker and the candlestick makers that have demurred to go along with the pogrom and have been sued for their audacity to resist the New Moral Order in which the legal and lawful, has now become mandatory on the part of all citizens. And it must be noted, big mediabig law and big business  have all toed the line drawn by the pink Nazis and backed off, if not rather backed the putsch for “Marriage Equality. They are in bed with the pogrom for all practical (largely financial?) purposes  (even if their hearts don't fit aren't in it?)

Queer  Beer, Draft Horses (and Draught Houses 2K10:17)
Then there's the St. Patrick's Day Parade. The usual suspects demanded special rights as usual and peed in their pajamas when they didn't get their way for the ninety ninth time. Somehow an apolitical parade is supposed to allow the adherents and afficionados of a political hot potato to march when they forbid all other political hooraw and agitating. But all was not lost on a particular Boston brewery, which did the noble thing and withdrew its backing from said same parade (but not from using ____script on its webpage). But maybe we could get the descendants of Sam Adams to host a little party and at least throw some shipments of Guinness, which also as a corporation said the correct thing about ME and equal rights,  into the harbor. Small consolation that, but since we’ve already thrown away reason, nature and history on the question, why stop there?

True, Ireland the object of St. Patrick’s missionary labors so long ago, itself just voted in the affirmative on the question, but to a certain extent one notices that in these affairs, you can’t say no. We rather suspect that like the vote on the EU, if Ireland hadn’t voted for ME, the powers that be  would keep holding elections until the Irish got it wrong right. Because that’s the way they do things in any  Democratic People’s Republic worthy of the name.

The Bottom Line: Judicial Tyranny
And if only four states so far have voted to legalize “Marriage InEquality”, that’s what Federal District Courts exist to do: tell people that what is lawful, is now mandatory. It’s not that homosexuality is legal – whatever that means – one must aid and abet the same where ever one finds it.  Either that or be guilty not of discretion, but of discrimination.

The Real Conclusion:  "Everything Not Forbidden is Compulsory" in the New Gay  World  Order*

One might just as well ask why aren’t all doctors - “prochoice” or no - forced to provide abortions; photographers to do porn shoots and mom and pop stores forced to sell the results. Otherwise somebody is getting their “equality/equal rights ” violated. It stands to just as much reason as forcing florists, bakers and caterers to do weddings for homosexuals and is essentially unconstitutional and  totalitarian in principle.

Which is what we are seeing. People are  getting hauled into court and their livelihoods ruined because they aren’t drinking the latest social engineering kool aid, much more roasting toasting the sacred cow of the moment. Which neanderthal notions even the president and others  ["Hitlary for Fuhrer in 2016"]
agreed with until very recently.

Rather the golden calf of the LGBQT#$% junta  is long overdue to be barbequed to a charcoal crisp over a bonfire of its own vain contradictions and non sequiturs. Marriage Equality/Equal Protection  is a bill of goods  and is as fraudulent as the New Declaration of Independence, that is being foisted upon America in hopes of overturning  nature, reason and history, if not shouting it down by the sheer volume of propaganda from the homosexual puppets and tools of Big Brother. 

*So the sign over the entrance to the anthill, when King Arthur is turned into an ant in the Book of Merlyn, the unpublished conclusion to T.H.White's Once and Future King. 

updated 5/31/15,  7/7/15, 7/10/15


Andrew said...

And the one thing that the churches will not do just like the Israelites of old is to repent of their idolatry. If you could ask the average man in attendance at the high places at Dan or Bethel if what they were engaging is is idolatry they would all to a man answer "NO!" Likewise the "reformed" christians of today if asked, are pictures of Jesus idolatry, most would answer "No", is anything you do in church idolatry, again "No." So they continue in sins of Issac Watts that made the church to sin in singing other than the Psalms. They will not depart of the sins of Thomas Welch that made the church to sin with his "wine" that God didn't command. All the while maintaining their innocence. Current culture in the west is just God doing exactly what He said he would do in Romans 1, after following through with doing exactly what He said He would do in the reason annexed to the second commandment. The hypocrisy of reformed Christians who condemn these cultural trends all the while living openly in the sin of idolatry (and Sabbath breaking) is sad, since, it was the Presbyterians in the mainline from 1750s-1790s onward that exchanged the truth of God for a lie, when they put Watts Hymns in places of Christ's Psalms. They gave the first modern expression to Orwellian new-speak when they claimed that "psalms" in WCF 20 meant any religious song. It was they who devised the scheme of the constitution as a living document, and taught civil magistrate how to do it. The reformed churches have for centuries, generation after generation, done that which is evil in the sight of the LORD, departing not from the sins of Isaac Watts that made the church to sin, and are just like the woman of Prov 30:20 "Such is the way of an adulterous woman; she eateth, and wipeth her mouth, and saith, I have done no wickedness."

RPV said...

Yes, the P&R churches have some tightening up to do on the 2nd commandment/RPW, but the 2nd is not a creation ordinance like the 4th and the 7th. That was the point per se, not that the P&R were without sin.