Thursday, September 25, 2008

A Public and Hopefully Reformed Reply

Greetings J & D,

Thank you for your recent on repentance. On the one hand, the spirit in which it is written is appreciated and the desire for reconciliation of all parties involved is commendable. With that we find ourselves in complete agreement.
Likewise to be in hard pursuit of a clear conscience and whether we like to admit it or not, mortifying our own sins is harder than decrying those of others. Further, there is no question that sin accompanied the Effort meeting and what it endeavored. 

Monday, September 15, 2008

A Letter of Repentance

September 15, 2008

Dear Friends and Brethren in Christ,

In March 2007, the Elders of the former RPNA (GM) produced a document entitled “Sins Committed By 'The Effort' And Steps To Repentance” wherein they sought to identify various and particular sins committed by people involved in the group informally named the Effort which organized to bring common questions unto the Elders. The sins the Elders identified can be fairly summarized as: