Wednesday, March 29, 2006

3/29/06, Update on Church Restructuring Report from Pastor G. Price

From: Greg Price
Sent: Wednesday, March 29, 2006 6:04 AM
Subject: Update On Our Progress

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We would like to provide you with a brief update. We
are working to complete our report on matters related
to the structure, administration, and government of
our Church which will be submitted to you all. Due to
the events that have occurred in our lives over the
past three months, we ask for your patience as we seek
to finish the report we have started. We hope to have
it completed over the next several weeks.

Once you have received a copy of the report, we will
set up a forum by which discussion of the report will
be facilitated.

Your continued prayer for us at this time is so much

In the bonds of Christ's love,

Greg L. Price
Greg Barrow
Lyndon Dohms

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Friday, March 17, 2006

3/17/06, Pastor G.Price's Renewed Pastoral Plea to List

From: Greg Price
To: List
Sent: Friday, March 17, 2006 2:03 PM
Subject: A Renewed Pastoral Plea
Dear Brothers and Sisters,
By way of clarification:
1. I did not intend to cut off all opportunity for further public discussion indefinitely. I qualified my plea to US all:
"There will be a time to address all concerns in a way that will promote our reformation. But for the present...."
2. My "plea" was just that, a plea, (not a requirement) based upon my own personal observation that this forum seemed to me to only be increasingmore strife and division (each of you will have to judge whether you have found it profitable or not). Although a matter made public MAY BE discussed and debated publicly, it is not always in the best interests of wisdom and charity to do so. In my judgment, it would have been far more profitable to discuss such issues after the Session submitted their report and provided constructive guidelines for a profitable discussion.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

3/12/06, Special Pleading in Regard to Terms of Communion and Names

From: Bob S.
To: Pastor Greg Price
Sent: Sunday, March 12, 2006 10:39 PM
Subject: Re: My Proposed Response To Your Letter

Sunday, 3/12/06
Dear Pastor Price,
My apologies for taking so long to get back to you in regard to the rough draft of your proposed response 1/27/06 to my request 1/25/06 for clarification regarding the "public accusations of sin" in yours of 1/21/06.
I would say at the outset:
1. My comments were never intended to challenge or question the lawful authority of the elders of this church, but only rather to ask some pointed questions and make some possible observations in the light of our past and the upcoming solemn public fast.
2. If there was any accusation of sin it was to obviously included me, as well the whole church, not just the office bearers and was in regard to sincere and well meant ignorance rather than wilful deceit and malice.
3. In light of the fallibility of all parties involved in this discussion, much more the confusion that still revolves around the distinction between public and private sins and their respective relation to a solemn public fast, it is no wonder that misunderstanding still exist on both sides of the fence.
Thank you also for ackowledging that you left out the specification of sin in your comments of 1/21/06.
Yet the root of the matter as I see it, is found in the following comments:

3/12/06, Re: A Pastoral Plea To All

From: Bob S.
To: Pastor Greg Price
Cc: List
Sent: Sunday, March 12, :47 PM
Subject: Re: A Pastoral Plea To All

Sunday, 3/12/06
Dear Pastor Price - and List,
I was on the verge of replying Tuesday, 2/14/06 to your request Saturday, 2/11/06 "to discontinue the public debate that has ensued since the Announcement of the Day of Prayer and Fasting," because I disagreed so strongly with it. With the death in your family of your brother, Phil though, I thought it best to put it on hold. Still, close to four weeks should be long enough to wait before one replies.
Not that I am at all interested in revisiting this issue unnecessarily, but then again, I am also not interested in what might happen if I dont say anything at all and let things pass. In other words, while I would be happy to abide by the request, yet there is also a time when silence is sin (Jm.4:17). In my judgement with this request, that time has come. Consequently and respectfully then, the following: