Friday, December 10, 2004

12/10/04, Elders' Reply To The Brothers And Sisters In The Washington Society

From: GP
Sent: Friday, December 10, 2004 5:04 AM
To: [Wash. Society]
Cc: GP; LD; GB
Subject: Reply To The Brothers And Sisters In The Washington Society

December 10, 2004
Beloved Brothers and Sisters of the Washington

Thank you for your patience in awaiting a response from us while Pastor Price was out of town.

The Lord has given us many blessed memories of visits and conversations we have shared together in the fellowship of the gospel and in the cause of reformation. We would reassure you that you are and remain in our thoughts, love, and prayers.

We found it helpful to have received your stated concerns (by an email dated November 28, 2004) in such a systematic format which we in turn will likewise follow.

1. Pastor Price has agreed to send the Societies an email by the following Tuesday after any Lord's Day that he has been out of the pulpit (due to illness, vacation, or ministry to other Societies). If an email is not received by Tuesday of each week, it may be assumed that there will be a sermon posted on the Albany CRPC website for the Societies to download.

2. Elder Barrow sent 27 taped sermons by mail and there are many online sermons (both read and preached) available at Sermon Audio ( Source Only=true&curr Section=sermons source
&keyword =swrb&keyword Desc=Still+Waters+Revival+Books), and at Albany CRPC ( We suggest these options be used when Pastor Price is not in the pulpit. It is also possible for one of the members of the Washington Society to read a sermon on any Lord's Day that Pastor Price has not preached.

3. Since Still Waters Revival Books is not an official ministry of the RPNA, decisions that relate to posting sermons on that website do not involve the officers of the RPNA. However, these suggestions may be directed to Still Waters Revival Books.

4. We appreciate the generosity of the Washington Society in supplying a digital recorder for use in Albany. Since Albany has its own digital recorder, it will be sent to Edmonton for their use in recording future sermons.

5. The General Meetings of the Reformed Presbyterian Church were primarily business meetings with very little recorded by way of substantial information regarding decisions etc. The preponderance of information recorded usually revolved around Causes Of Fasting and Causes Of Thanksgiving. From our perspective, due to our ability as officers to communicate with one another by phone or email, we are enabled to have regular contact in a way that is far more efficient and profitable than was possible to our forefathers of the past. Although we do not record minutes of all of these meetings throughout the year, when there are decisions that affect the Societies at large, we do communicate in a more formal manner by email. We also are always willing to talk by phone with any Society or members thereof when it is desired.

6. Pastor Price would look forward to ministering to the Society in Washington. If the members of the Society would make financial preparations, and give Pastor Price an idea as to the approximate time that would work for them, he would count it a privilege to visit and minister to them.

7. We share your concern to prepare men for the ministry. We have pursued diligently any possible lead of which we have been aware and continue to do so (even with Pastor Rocky Simbajon who is presently in the process of theological study in Albany with the goal of being united to the RPNA). Our plan is to examine and ordain Elder Greg Barrow in an ordinary manner by means of a faithful Presbytery as soon as possible. We also ask you to pray about other ministerial contacts who have expressed interest in the RPNA (e.g. Korean Pastors in Edmonton and a Lutheran Pastor in the U.S.).

8. Any Society or member thereof may receive a quarterly financial report from either Elder Dohms or Eric Lauderdale whenever desired. We suggest you simply submit your request to these gentlemen.

We pray this helps answer the questions/concerns you have submitted to us. If there yet remain concerns, we would suggest setting up a conference call with us to address those concerns more personally.

The Lord prosper and bless you all in the knowledge and love of Christ,


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