Thursday, April 10, 2014

Living - And Then Marrying - In The Real World

 Updated 4/10/14

A recent  Ref 21  post by Prof. Carl Trueman compares the World Vision flip flop on homosexual "marriage" and the firing of the  Mozilla CEO because he donated to California's Prop 8 in 2008 which supported  traditional  marriage. His conclusion is that the sword of economic boycott works both ways and Christians shouldn't complain, but realize that's how the cookie crumbles in the real world. (World Vision reminds us  of Zondervan and their  gender neutral NIV. Public outcry put the last on hold, but Z had its way in the end. Any guesses on how long WV holds the line?) Besides evangelical doesn't really mean evangelical when it comes to evangelical para church organizations  or  businesses. So now we know.

Hold the phone, Leon. This Just In.  Due to the moral leprosy that literally oozes from pores  of ex Mozilla CEO and inventor of javascript  B. Eich, the usual raft of amoral refugees, self righteous homophiles  and homosexualist twits  will be announcing their boycott of javascript real soon now on twitter. Along  with their boycott of the internet, because the internet  uses javascript indiscriminately and won't quit anytime soon. Uh, huh. Stay tuned. More late breaking fairy tales to come.

The Stacked Deck
There are a couple of objections. One, there is not a level playing field out there. The main stream moron media, the courts, the schools  and the other elite powers that be, are all pushing for marital rights for sodomites and lesbians despite the fact that  the LGBTQ@#%?  whatever  contingent  in society is a marked minority. The Kinsey Report notwithstanding (Judith  Riesmann among others,  dismantled  that fraud and egregious propaganda long ago), at most we are talking about  1 to 3 percent of the population.  (Even 5 percent would be hopelessly  optimistic in our opinion, but in la la land, one never knows what the  progressives will dream up next.)

The Big Lie
Two, the campaign for  "equal rights/protection" is a lie. While it  purports to be another way of saying everyone is equal before the  law, all it really is  about is the French Jacobin notion of égalité, i.e. the egalitarian  perversion of equal opportunity to mean "equal outcome" or "equal results". And since both male and female homosexual liaisons don't measure up to  the historic definition  of marriage, ergo  we need to do some meddling, preferably by  the coercive power  of the state, so that everybody can get "married"  and live happily ever after. See. Wasn't that easy, boys and girls?

After all, it is not just the  pursuit  of happiness that is constitutionally guaranteed, but the attainment of happiness. Which is to say government guarantees, if not supplies an education, a job, healthcare and a marriage. If not  also children, if homosexuals are allowed to adopt. (I  know.  It's not loving to forbid homosexuals to love children. Therefore they must be allowed to adopt them.)

Fundamental Reality, Not Fundamentalism
But  the  big objection in our opinion, is number three. This does not have to be a religious  or Christian issue  per se. While it is true that marriage between Adam and Eve -  not Adam and Steve -  was first instituted by God   in the Garden before the fall, so too the one in  seven day of rest is equally a mandate of the moral/natural law. Which means evangelicals   cannot really consistently violate one creation ordinance, even as they  complain about the  perversion of the  other.

Still, it's  called  common sense. From time immemorial the union of a man and woman  has produced children which the  same couple by  and large with yes, help from other family members and the community  at  large,   raise to adulthood. Yes, there have been and  are exceptions to the rule, but when by the  same token have homosexual relationships ever  been raised to the status of marriage, even granting that homosexuality has been  around since time immemorial?

In other words, where  for all practical purposes do these knuckleheads think children come from? The dry cleaners? And who raises them? After  their three square  meals a day at the local daycare cum public government school and a trip to the Boys and Girls Club, we sit the young'uns down in front  of the HiDef TV section at Walmart open 24 hours a day to be further edumacated/entertained before they drift  off to sleep sucking  their thumbs? When all is said  and done, it still comes down to  a man  and a woman, regardless if  the same sexers resort to artificial insemination, surrogacy or adoption to provide children for  their categorically sterile unions. While it  is true, not all marriages produce children,  what is  the exception for traditional marriage, is the rule for  the sodomites and lesbians.

Luv, Luv, Luv
Further, the dessicated,  if not degenerate definition of marriage now current, is all about "love", if not emotion. We readily  grant  that charity, which is what the hoary  old King James Bible calls love, plays a distinct part in your average marriage, but really. To make it all boil down to affection or love, is to regress to an infantile narcissism. What's next? Will people  in the future be able to marry their suitcases? Their toasters? How about their bicycles? And if not, why not?

The  Other Big Lie (No, Not  Obamacare)
Or better  yet their offspring, siblings or parents? And if not the latter threesome,  again why not? As Joe Sobran would have it, channeling a  raucous Juvenal, at least the heterosexual  versions of  these pairings got the  poop chute figured out. Not to mention, so much for that  other Big Lie;  that heterosexuals  get  to marry "anybody they want to"/whomever they love. All the while incest, polygamy and group marriages are verboten. Which fact is conveniently ignored by the homosexualists. Because it contradicts the approved fairytale narrative  about "discrimination".

The Building Blocks of Society
The family is the first school, church, business and state.  If things go gunnybag in the  family, everybody else  in  society is playing catch up to fix it. (In  other words,  we interrupt the regularly scheduled dreck to announce  that the family has been around a  lot longer than the humanitarian hunger and  poverty fighting World Vision and it has done a better job to  boot.) Which means the whole pogrom about marriage equality is really about anything but. In  our day,  all  it actually does is further the growth of the totalitarian state, which seeks to be the dominant, if not only institution  in society. Furthermore, only the civil magistrate has  coercive power; the power  to physically compel people to do something - as in fine,  imprison or execute, which makes it that much more imperative to restrict its sphere of authority rather than letting it fill the void left by the departure of other institutions in society.  In  this case, the coercive power has been perverted in order to compel equal outcomes/results, if not the equal attainment of happiness, i.e. healthcare and marriage for  everyone. Because they are all "equally protected" by law.  Or so the non sequitur argument goes.

Equal Time For Reality?
But more than that, in reality the whole  "marriage equality" schtick really is nothing more  than an assault on reality. One might as well argue for equal protection for square circles or that unicycles must be permitted to have two wheels.  In other words, this is not about discrimination - even that of discernment - rather this is all about distortion of reality, if  not history. What supercilious stupidities and audacious inanities will we be subjected to next? Will our stormtroopers for the brave new world order have something to say about gravity also? That it  is not fair that what goes up, must come down? Or will we be  told on the  pains of a bankrupting lawsuit and threat of jail something a little more mundane? That pigs can fly and not just first class  on SouthWest, but solo in the pilot's seat?

Sexual nirvana and same sex utopia  awaits breathlessly. Boo reality. Hiss discrimination. Welcome stupidity and death.  Along with, in the mean time, more big government to speed up the process. Sounds like fun.  Only bigots, haters and homophiles homophobes could object.

Perverts? Nah, that category is just  a figment  of your imagination.