Saturday, April 02, 2005

4/2/05, Question to Elders re. Sermon tapes/sub. stands, communion references, Aug'05

From: Bob S.
To: G. Price; G. Barrow; L. Dohms;
Sent: Saturday, April 02, 2005 5:32 PM
Subject: Sermon tapes/sub. stands, communion references, Aug'05

April 2, 2005
To the Elders of the RPNA, GM
Dearly Beloved Brethren in the Lord,

My apologies for the delay in getting back to you on some of this. Very much enjoyed having Pastor Price and Elder Barrow come out and visit, at which time we talked about various things, including at least the first item below, at one time or another. Yet a few clarifications hopefully.

1. Previous to and whether or not the Banner of Truth, Walmart or SWRB sell or distribute sermon tapes, is it the church's responsibility to make sermons/sermon tapes available, particularly in light of the present situation of only one or possibly two ministers in the entire church or not? Even further, whose responsibility is it to make the subordinate standards available to church members or the general public? Are we working toward having the RP standards available on our web site or on CD? I brought this last up with Elder Dohms a time or two privately, but I want to ask the question again in this venue as to whether or not the distribution of our standards, along with sermons is primarily the job of the church or third parties?

2. What are the references/ sources for the "clear historical testimony" of "James Renwick and Donald Cargill" in the June 14, 2004 letter after the breakup of presbytery which says that:

We would also affirm that according to Scripture and in agreement with clear historical testimony, we have both the right and the duty (even without a regularly organized Session) to celebrate the sacrament of the Lord's Supper . . . As we look to the past for guidance, we see that James Renwick and Donald Cargill celebrated the Lord's Supper with the scattered remnant-- even in a state wherein there were no formal Sessions.

[See the answer here: 4/15/05, Elder G.Barrow Answers Questions on Ordinances]

3. While we have been contacted by the young ladies of Edmonton re. the upcoming summer get together, word from heads of households, Edmonton Society or the RPNA,GM elders is still forthcoming as to what exactly is scheduled, no?

One of the reasons for asking is found in the Directory for Public Worship, which says re. the sacrament of Communion:

Where this sacrament cannot with convenience be frequently administered, it is requisite that publick warning be given the sabbath day before the administration thereof: and that either then, or on some day of that week, something concerning that ordinance, and the due preparation thereunto, and participation thereof, be taught; that, by the diligent use of all means sanctified of God to that end, both in publick and private, all may come better prepared to that heavenly feast.

If the Lord's Supper is to be administered, will there be a preliminary service?

Even further, while right now things seem to be a wide open fun and games kind of thing, is there any consideration of having something like a family conference/lectures on our distinctives etc.? I know we are short handed, time is drawing near, etc. but a recent blurb from Ted Letis re. his seminar "How We Got Our Bible," got me to thinking (yes, I know a dangerous thing) about what it would take practically to have him come to Lynden, moreover would it be even possible theologically. Sad that RP's would have to go to a Lutheran on something like this, but out here, if correctly presented, it would be very interesting to see what would happen with a public lecture on the text, transmission and translation of Scripture.

But back to the Edmonton date, is anything being worked up in re. to whatever, a seminar, preaching or lectures? Or is everybody just coming up for a weekend/Lord's Day and that's that?

Would appreciate hearing from you on these items, however you would choose to respond, phone, email, etc.

Thank you very much,

cordially in Christ
Bob S.
Lynden, Wa.