Saturday, January 21, 2006

1/21/06, Accusation or Entreaty

From: Greg Price
Sent: Saturday, January 21, 2006 4:41 AM
To: List
Subject: Accusation Or Entreaty?

Dear Bob,

Your public remarks will be answered.

I must confess, however, that your posts give little (if any) indication of love or consideration for the afflictions, trials, and weaknesses under which we as Elders find ourselves--afflictions and weakness, I would submit, that are directly related to the work of caring for the sheep of Jesus Christ. Your public accusations against the Elders of this Church (who have faithfully labored to promote the peace, the purity, and unity of Christ’s Church) compel me to say such things. Forgive me if it sounds like boasting.

Like loving yet imperfect parents, we have labored to guide and care for the flock entrusted to us. Dear brother, afflictions, weaknesses and trials (as I think you know) are not necessarily the result of God’s judgment upon His ministers for their sins (2 Corinthians 6:3-13). It is said of faithful Renwick that he was so weak and afflicted that he was unable to get up on his own horse and to ride it without help from others to keep him literally on the horse. We know very personally how our families have been deprived of time again and again not because we love the preeminence, but because we love Christ and our struggling sheep. No doubt we have failed at times to keep everything in proper order (but it not due to our unwillingness or obstinacy), but due primarily to the heavy load of caring for the sheep (God is our witness).

Regardless of your views with regard to sins you allege against us, our love for the flock and our countless hours in caring for the flock over the years (yes, in extraordinary circumstances) should have called forth your compassion rather than your public humiliation, your private entreaty rather than your public accusation. Where is that love revealed in the way you have chosen to approach us? Do you have any idea what we as Elders are presently facing? Do you care? Did you call or write to talk with the Session privately about your concerns before taking this public approach?

I do not want to debate the issues you have raised at this moment. No doubt, this is not the response you desire from us. A response more in line with what you expect will be issued in due time. For the present time, I would plead with you to await our response rather than continuing these public accusations.

For the cause of Christ and his scattered remnant,

Greg L. Price (speaking on behalf of myself and not my dear fellow Elders)